Michael Douglas heads to Vegas for stag party…

Hollywood old-timers Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro are getting in on the stag party action with Douglas’s latest movie which is simply titled ‘Vegas’.

The movie follows a group of sixtysomething former womanisers who head to Vegas to celebrate Douglas’s forthcoming marriage to a woman half his age.  De Niro plays the stag party attendee who doesn’t like to party and the two bicker over a girl they both fancied as youngsters.

The film marks a return to blockbusters for Douglas after his recent battle with throat cancer and there are rumours the cast will also feature Christopher Walken and Dustin Hoffman.

Directed by Jon Turtletaub, the script is by Crazy, Stupid Love writer Ben Fogleman and will be released by CBS Films, so it’s got a good team behind it who’ve collected four Oscars between them.  But the question everybody will be asking is; ‘Is it as good as The Hangover?’

We hope they’ll read our article on Stag Party Safety before they go!

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