Hen party dares

THE classic hen party game

Dares are one of the all time classic hen party games and there are hundreds of variations, this is our version which we think is fantastic.

We think the reason that this hen party game works well is that each person can participate as much as they want and as their confidence builds and inhibitions lower as the alcohol flows they start to take on the riskier and funnier dares.

Cost: 2star
Embarrassment: 4star


How to play hen party dares


  • Nothing special but we have created a printer friendly hen party dare sheet for you below
  • One dare does require handcuffs

This hen party game can be player by your hens individually but is usually more fun if they are split in to teams. You can give each of your girls a hen party dares sheet or just give them a dare at a time throughout the night.
There are two ways if playing the game: each date is worth one point and the team with the most dares completed wins a, or we’ve given a points value to each dare so your hens can be strategic with which ones they try and achieve – obviously the more points each dare is worth the more risky or embarrassing they are.


Hen Party Dare Game List


  • For each drink a guy buys you
  • Find some phallic shaped food-courgette, banana etc
  • Do chilli shots – one point for each
  • Photo bomb a picture


  • Find a ginger man and check if he is ginger all over
  • Get a pair of boxer shorts
  • Get your picture taken with 3 bouncers
  • Do a stupid dance to the WHOLE of the next song
  • Talk to a stranger like you’ve known them for years
  • Convince somebody you are related to a celebrity
  • Flash your bra


  • For each mans phone number you get
  • Each woman’s phone number you get
  • Handcuff yourself to a stranger
  • Get a piggy back around the pub
  • Convince somebody you ARE a celebrity
  • Flash your knickers
  • Hold a conversation with someone in a foreign accent
  • Get a man to photograph your: (You write the body part)


Bonus Game

As a bonus to our hen party dares game we’ve also given you an extra game – The Photo Game.

It’s incredibly simple -get your photo taken with as many of the below as possible!

  • Bald man
  • Man with a wedding ring on
  • Bald man
  • Ginger man
  • Man with a hat
  • Man with tattoos
  • Police officer
  • Fireman
  • Paramedic
  • Barman
  • Stag party in fancy dress

One point for each and a bonus point each time you get more than one thing in a photo.