christmas party games: mr and mrs

Mr & Mrs Christmas Questions

We all know and love the game show Mr and Mrs and here’s our festive tribute: Christmas Mr and Mrs questions

This is one of the very best Christmas games online – it’s free to play, just read out the questions to your couples and see who gets the most right.

Please note:  we are not responsible for any family arguments this game may cause!!

Mr and Mrs Christmas Questions:

  • Who buys the best presents?
  • Who drinks the most over the festive period?
  • Who has the most irritating family?
  • Who leaves their Christmas shopping the latest?
  • Who has the best office party?
  • Who is the biggest Grinch?
  • Who is most likely to wear a Christmas jumper?
  • Who eats the most Christmas dinner?
  • Who is laziest over Christmas?
  • Who believed in Santa the longest?
  • Who gets most excited about Christmas
  • Who looks best in a cracker party hat?
  • Who cooks the best Christmas dinner
  • Who opens their presents fastest?
  • Who is the most likely to be out shopping Christmas eve
  • Who is most likely to fall asleep in front of the TV
  • Who is the best carol singer
  • Who would win a snowball fight
  • Who buys the most thoughtful gifts
  • Who builds the best snowman
  • Who can eat the most mince pies

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