Grown up Hungry Hippos!

Hungry Hippos is the classic childhood game where you try and get your Hippo to gobble up as many marbles as possible, and this hen party game gives it a hilarious grown up twist.

Instead of having a board the room you are in is your playing area and your hens are the hippos!

This is probably one of the funniest hen party games you can play, it’s great fun to watch and be one of the Hippos.

Not sure what we mean? This video will make it all perfectly clear:

If you don’t have a large room then you can easily play this in a smaller space by using smaller balls (like you get in a child’s play area) and just using your hands to push the ‘Hippo’ and not a rope.

Our other hen party games cover things that are a bit less active or need less space if this isn’t for you

Cost: 4star
Embarrassment: 3star

How to Play: Hen Party Hungry hippos


  • A big enough room
  • Skateboards (easily borrowed)
  • Laundry baskets or storage boxes (these are your Hippo’s mouth)
  • Balloons or balls
  • Rope (optional depending on room size
  • Pen and paper for keeping score
  • Mobile phone or watch to keep the time

To start with divide your hen party in to teams (there are 4 Hippos in the original game so this is a good number to aim for).

Each team selects a hippo who will be rolled in to the middle to try and collect the balls, but you can play as many rounds as you want so everybody gets a go.

Place all of your balloons/balls in the centre of the room.

Each Hippo needs to lie on the skateboard holding the basket and on your mark their team pushes them in to the centre of the room where they try to place the basket over as many of the balls/balloons as possible before being pulled back to the team where the basket is emptied.

Teams have to repeat this as many times as they can within the time of the round (usually a minute) or until all the balls/balloons are gone.

If you play more than one round repeat the steps above with a different hippo after recording how many balls/balloons each team collected.

Each ball/balloon is worth one point and at the end of the game scores are tallied up to decide the winner.

A note of caution: After a few drinks it’s easy for your hens to get carried away. Please be careful, more than one hen can be rolling in to the centre at a time so there is a risk of accidents. If you want to lessen the chance of this then hens can take it in turns to roll in to the centre.