never have i ever hen party games

You’ll tell plenty of lies in this hen party game

Cost: 0stars

Embarrassment: 4star

Never have I ever:  Overview

This is one of the easiest hen party games to play, with maximum hilarity and huge potential for embarrassment – you’ll find things out about your hens that you would never have dreamed of!

Your hens need to be up for a laugh for this game to work but it can be one of the very best hen party games – simple to learn, brilliant fun and addictive to play


How to play:  Never have I ever

One person starts the game by saying something they have never done, starting with ‘Never have I ever…’.  For example ‘Never have  I ever ridden a horse’.  Anybody who has done what the other person has not must take a drink.  Play then continues to the next person.

We’ve given you a very simple example there but trust us this game gets very dirty, very quickly as people warm up and have a drink.
Tip:  This game works so much better if your hens are already warmed up with a few drinks to help loosen their inhibitions.


  • Alcohol
  • Glasses