Chubby Cheeked Baby Photo Guessing Fun


This hen party game is a good ice breaker and a good laugh as your hen’s try to guess which child hood photo belongs to each hen.


This is an incredibly easy game to play and is a great option if you’re looking for a more classy hen party game than just drinking or if you want something that involves zero embarrassment (well almost zero – it depends how bad your photo is!).


Cost: 0stars

Embarrassment: 0stars



How to Play: Guess the Baby


  • Each needs needs to bring at least one photo of them as a child
  • Blue tack
  • Paper for writing down answers
  • Pens/pencils
  • Stopwatch or mobile to keep time
  • If your hens don’t know each other then you could have name badges so your hens know who to write down


Each hen will need to give you a photo of themselves, without the other hens seeing it before the game starts.


You’ll then need to stick the photos up on the wall out of sight of your hens, or if you want to be really clever print them all out on a sheet of paper for your hens to look at.  Write a number alongside each photo so you can keep track of people’s guesses


Each hen needs to have a pen and a piece of paper ready for the game to start.  When you are ready unveil the pictures and let your hens try and guess who each one belongs to within a certain time frame, or you could let them look over the course of the hen do.


At the end of the time collect all the answer sheets in and mark them up – you can give forfeits or prizes to the best and worst performers to help add a bit of a competitive element to it!

Click image below to open a high quality  version: