High risk bottle spinning hen party game

As far as hen party game ideas go this one can get pretty wild due simply to the potential amount of alcohol that can be consumed so please remember to drink responsibly.

Of course the wilder the hen party game the better fun it is too so this game is a popular choice and it has the added benefit over other hen party games in that it is ideal to play in the pub!

Cost: 3star

Embarrassment: 3star

How to play shot glass roulette

OK your hen party better be prepared!

You will need:

  • Alcohol (what type and the quantity is up to you)
  • An empty bottle

Your hen party need to sit in a circle with a shot of your chosen drink in front of them and then the game begins.

To get  this hen party game underway your bride simply spins the bottle and whoever the bottle is pointing at when it is finished spinning has to down their shot. Once finished their glass is refilled and that person spins the bottle.  The game keeps going until you give up or can’t go on.

You can add a rule in that the person who span the bottle can’t be the loser again, or within a certain number of spins. To help make the drinking more manageable you can also let people chose their own drink so those that don’t drink a great deal can opt for a less alcoholic shot.

Once the drink starts flowing in this fast paced hen party game then people will lose their inhibitions a bit and the banter and stories will begin to flow helping make your hen party memorable (or not!).

Click on the image to open a downloadable reminder of how to play:

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