Funny Mr and Mrs questions are a great way to get your party started and break the ice – our selection aren’t too rude or crude (although we do have those too!), they are just right if you are planning the perfect hen party.

After a few glasses of wine and your inhibitions loosened you’ll be roaring with our funny Mr and Mrs Questions.

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions:

  • Would he rather have arms for legs or legs for arms?
  • On his stag night would the bride rather he got arrested or went to strip club?
  • What’s his most embarrassing moment?
  • What does he say the bride’s most annoying habit is?
  • What is his best joke?
  • Would he rather do without; sex or alcohol?
  • What is the bride’s best impersonation?
  • In a fire would he save your photo albums or his ipod/games console?
  • If he could have one super power what would it be?
  • What’s the naughtiest thing he’s ever done?

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