Mr and Mrs paddle questions

 Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions

This is a great variation of the Mr and Mrs questions that is a bit more quick fire.

How it works:

Choose which questions you’d like to use from the list below and send them to the h2b for him to answer.  Take 4 paddles or pieces of coloured card with you on your hen party and ask the bride the questions.  As she raises her paddle get somebody to raise the h2b answers at the same time.

If you want to make it a bit more lively you could do a forfeit for each one the bride gets wrong or if she gets below a certain number correct by the end.

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Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions:

  • Who is the messiest
  • Who is the best dancer
  • Who is the best in bed
  • Who is the best singer
  • Who is the funniest
  • Who is the best cook
  • Who is most laid back
  • Who is most up tight
  • Who breaks wind the most
  • Who drinks the most
  • Who has the best taste in clothes
  • Who is the best looking
  • Who is the most stubborn
  • Who smells the best
  • Who is the most romantic
  • Who has the worst memory
  • Who has the weirdest orgasm  face
  • Who is the party animal
  • Who is the grumpiest
  • Who is the cleverest
  • Who has the most important job
  • Who is the best driver
  • Who has the best sense of direction
  • Who can drink the most
  • Who’s parents are the most fun
  • Who is the fittest
  • Who has had the most partners
  • Who snores the loudest
  • Who has the worst habits
  • Who is the most talkative
  • Who gets scared easiest
  • Who wastes the most money
  • Who has the least common sense
  • Who is the boss
  • Who takes the longest getting ready for a night out
  • Who can eat the most
  • Who is the laziest
  • Who is most likely to trip over

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