hen party guess who game

Brilliant name guessing game

This is an incredibly popular hen party game, and for parties in general!


It’s such a popular game because it’s so easy to play but is great, harmless fun that all your hens can get involved in.  It’s also a great game if you aren’t drinking on your hen party.


We’re pretty sure you’ll have played this before but we’ll run you through the rules so you know exactly how to play when you’re on your hen party.


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Cost: 1star

Embarrassment: 1star


How to Play:  Guess Who


  • Pen
  • Paper or post it notes


This is a really simple game to play!  The most fun way to play it is by sticking a post it note to each of your hens forehead’s but it can be played by placing pieces of paper in a bowl.  There’s a couple of ways to play it so we’ve given instructions for both versions:


Version 1

Write the name of a celebrity or famous person (that everybody will know) on to a post it note for each hen.  It’s important they don’t see the names.  Next stick a post it note to each hens head.  They then have to guess who the person is on their post it note by asking questions that the rest of the group can only answer yes or no to.  For example; ‘Am I male?’, ‘Am I a singer?’.

To make the game a bit shorter you can set a limit to the number of questions each hen can ask or set a time limit.

Version 2:

This is my preferred version, which I’ve played loads of times in the past, as it’s a bit more quick fire.  You will need to write down lots of celebrity names – you can get each of your hens to write some down to help, it doesn’t matter too much if there a duplicates.  Put all the bits of paper in a bowl and split your hens in to teams or pairs.


One of the hens from each pair or group gets 1 minute to describe as many celebrities as they can without saying their name.  For example, if the celebrity is Beyonce the description could be; a female singer, married to Jay-Z who had a hit with Single Ladies.

Once the name has been guessed the hen picks another name and that pair/team get a point.  The team with the most points at the end wins.


You can introduce some rules to help your hens and make the game fairer:

  • Set a number of times a name can be passed – not at all, once, twice or three times are common
  • Don’t allow players to rhyme the name
  • Don’t allow any actions or movements