The best hen party games ever

Amazing Hen Party Games

Every hen party needs a game and we’ve got the very best selection right here! Our hen party games range from the outrageously wild to great icebreakers for hen parties who don’t know each other very well.  We’ve got classy hen party games, rude ones, sophisticated ones and everything in between – but they are all great fun!

We know your problem:  You’re organising a hen night and not everybody knows each other or you’re worried about people getting separated and want some hen party games to keep the evening entertaining and friendly.

This can be a lot of pressure – coming up with a game that everybody will want play is tricky because every hen party is different.  Some groups may be up for anything but a lot of hen parties have a spread of ages and tastes so finding the right hen party games can be tricky.

That’s why we’ve created this list of great games – whatever type of hen party you have planned we’ll have a game for you!

All of our hen party games have a full overview, an indication of cost and level of embarrassment and full instructions on how to play the game – all you need to do is read through each hen party game and decide which one will suit your hens the best!

Our games have been chosen to suit as many hen parties as possible – many of our hen party games don’t need alcohol which is great if you’re pregnant or a non-drinker (although you can add alcohol to most of them if you want!)

Whether you’re hitting the town or having a quiet night in we have games that will make your hens laugh, squirm and share the best memories of your hen party.


Why choose our Hen Party Games

We’ll give you simple, clear instructions for each game and also an indication of cost and how embarrassing each game is for people involved so you can pick the hen party games that exactly match your style of hen party.

Hen Party Dares


Is this the classic hen party game?  Our hen party dares work on a points basis so the higher the risk the more points on offer.

Learn how to play: Hen Party Dares

Wedding Pictionary

wedding pictionary words

A classic twist on a childhood favourite.  Our full list of weddding Pictionary words is great hen party fun

Learn how to play:  Wedding Pictionary

Rude Pictionary

rude pictionary thumbnail

A very rude twist on a childhood classic – this game is hilarious hen party word drawing fun.

Learn how to play: Rude Pictionary

Guess the Baby

GUESS THE BABY GAMEA classy hen  party game that’s funny, inoffensive and is a great ice breaker.  Can your hens guess which hen each childhood photo belongs to?

Learn how to play:  Guess the baby

Toilet Roll Wedding Dress

TOILET ROLL WEDDING DRESS HEN PARTY GAMEThis is a great game that will get everybody laughing and bonding during your hen party.  It’s quick, simple and very inexpensive to play.

Learn how to play: Toilet Roll Wedding Dress

Pin the ‘Junk’ on the Hunk

ppin the hunk on the junk link through imageA very adult version of pin the tail on the donkey game.  You need a picture of a hunk and your hen party take it in turns to pin his ‘junk’ in the right place.  This is a great choice of game for getting ready for your hen party, as an ice breaker or if you’re having your hen party at home.

Learn how to play:  Pin the Junk on the Hunk

Wine Tasting Challenge

Wine tasting game thumbnail image

This could be the classiest hen party game ever! Do your hens know there Chardonnay from their Cabernet? This game involves your hen party being blindfolded and identifying various types of wine from a small taste and the descriptions you give them.

Learn how to play:  Wine Tasting Challenge

 Never Have I Ever

NEVER HAVE I hen party gameMaximum hilarity and embarrassment are guaranteed in this classic hen party game that encourages your hens to let their secrets slip.

Learn how to play:  Never Have I Ever

Two Truth’s; One Lie

TWO TRUTH'S one lie hen party gameCan your hen’s outsmart each other with a believable lie.

Learn how to play:  Two Truth’s; One Lie

Guess Who

guess who hen party game thumbnailThis is one of the most popular hen party games as it’s great fun, not embarrassing and is a great ice breaker.  Your hens have to guess celebrity names and we’ve given you two great ways to play.

Learn how to play: Guess Who

Mr and Mrs Questions

hen party games - mr and mrsA classic hen party game that tests how well the loving couple really know each other.

Learn how to play: Mr and Mrs

It’s Hard Having A Penis

IT'S HARD HAVING A penis gameIs it really that difficult having a penis?  Try and knock down the bottles in this hilarious hen party game

Learn how to play: It’s hard having a penis

Pass the Balloon

PASS THE balloon gameCan your hens pass a balloon between them without using their hands?  Who will be the winning team?

Learn how to play: Pass the balloon

Shake the balls loose

SHAKE THE BALLS loose hen party gameThis hen party game is outrageous fun – can your hens shake their booty like Beyonce?  Let them prove it by shaking the balls out of a box as fast as possible.

Learn how to play:  Shake the balls loose

Shot glass roulette

SHOT GLASS roulette hen party gameHigh risk bottle spinning drinking game – warning mayhem can follow after this game!

Learn how to play:  Shot glass roulette

Pass the parcel – with a twist!

PASS THE PARCEL - WITH A twist gameA great hen party game that you can use as an icebreaker and to get your fancy dress costumes sorted.

Learn how to play: Pass the parcel

Blindfold Penis Making

BLINDFOLD PENIS MAKING HEN PARTY GAMECan your hens make an accurate male member in this great fun hen party game?

Learn how to play: Blindfold penis making

Grown Up Hungry Hippos

grown up hungry hippos gameThis brilliant hen party game is grown up ball grabbing fun – just like the kids version of Hungry Hippos, only bigger!

Learn how to play:  Grown Up Hungry Hippos