Can your hens ‘handle’ this game??

How well do your hens know what the male member looks like?


This hilarious hen party game will reveal a lot about how much some of your group have been around the opposite sex – will they produce a huge one, accurate in almost every detail or a tiny one that just shouldn’t be seen?
This creative hen party game is a great ice breaker and can be plagued by everybody in your group.


Cost: 2star

Embarrassment: 3star


How to play blindfold penis making


  • Plasticine
  • Blindfolds

This is an incredibly simple hen party game to play.


All you need to do is give each of your hen party a chunk of plasticine and then blindfold them. Each hen then has to make a penis (balls as well) within a certain time frame – about a minute is a good length (oo-er).


The hens then take their blindfolds off and can have a good giggle at each other’s creations. The bride to be can choose a winner and loser, and it’s nice to have a prize for each.


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Image Credits: Flickr

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