hen party game - it's hard having a penis

It’s hard having a penis, or so men would have us think!

This is one of the most hilarious hen party games giving your girls an idea of what it’s like to have something dangling down there (admittedly they often aren’t as big as banana!).

Your hens will be rolling about laughing while they watch each other take part in this light hearted hen party game that pokes fun at every man they’ve ever met.

Don’t let your girls leave it on too long or they may start to think with it 😉

Embarrassment: 3star



How to play:  It’s hard having a penis

You will need:

  • A Banana
  • Some string
  • About 10  empty plastic bottles
  • A stop watch
  • Some floor space

Firstly tie one end of the string around the banana and then fasten around the players waist so that the banana dangles to the height of your plastic bottles.  Lay out 10 bottles in a row or columns.

Your hen then has to thrust the banana to knock over the bottles as quickly as possible, while you time her.

It’s really easy to introduce forfeits or drinks for the loser to turn this game even more raucous.

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