two truth's one lie game

Hen Party Games:  Two Truth’s and One Lie

Can your hen’s deceive their fellow party goers in to believing something they’ve made up on the spot?
This is a great ice breaker hen party game idea, especially if your hens don’t know each other well.
Your hens can be as playful with it as they want – they can be utterly outrageous or try to outwit the hen party with cunning and guile.

If you want to make this hen party game a bit more interesting it’s easy to introduce forfeits such as drinking for incorrect guesses.

Embarrassment: 2star

Cost: 0stars

How to play Two Truth’s One Lie

Each hen takes it in turn to say three things about their life – two must be true and one must be a lie.  The other hens then need to guess which ones are correct – this can be done as a group or each hen can write their answers and the scores tallied up at the end.

Variation 1:  Drinking

Use the same rules as above but the hens who get the answer wrong must take a drink.

Variation 2: Forfeit

Use the same rules as above but keep a tally of who got the most wrong.  The person at the end who got the least correct must perform a forfeit during the night – wearing a ridiculous fancy dress outfit or allowing the other girls to do her make up are easy options to increase the embarrassment rating of the game.

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Image courtesy of Flickr: Margherita Pe