Essential Advice: Stag Party Safety

Ok the stag party is all booked and everybody is getting geared up to send your groom off in style.  But before you head out on the town there are some simple steps you can take to keep your party safe and out of trouble.

Read on for essential stag party safety advice…

Before you head out:

Be sure to send everybody the following phone numbers:

  • Best man
  • Hotel, including the address
  • A taxi number for a reputable company in the city you are visiting

It also worth printing out the hotel’s details (name, address and phone number) for all your stags to stick in their wallets.

Give all your stags a hotel key so they can get in if they want to head back early.

Plan the evening in advance using our City Guides and be sure to know the areas you need to stay away from, it’s very easy to just wander in to trouble because you aren’t familiar with an area.

Once out on the town:

Nothing makes you more vulnerable to trouble, or more likely to cause it than alcohol, so if possible try to get one of your group to stay sober to keep an eye on others.

Keep an eye out on what’s happening around you. If you think there is any tension or trouble brewing anywhere in the vicinity of your group, trust your instincts and get the group to move on to another venue – or at least move away to another area of the current venue.

Don’t be afraid to keep your stag party in check if their behaviour is getting out of hand.  Rowdy behaviour will get you thrown out at the very least and at worst will attract trouble.

If possible book your taxi home so you’ve got a plan for the night.  A good way to do this is to arrange an activity on the night such as going to a casino, comedy club or show.

Ensure that no-one is separated from the group.

Don’t leave valuables on display.

Remember you’re there to celebrate with the groom.  Have fun but make sure you don’t ruin the night for him by getting too disorderly or causing/attracting aggression.  Black eyes, broken bones or upcoming criminal charges don’t go down well at weddings.

If that’s all a bit too much then here’s a couple of golden rules:

  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Plans to get home

We have to say a big thank you to the Suzy Lamplugh Trust for their help in putting this article together.  They do fantastic work keeping people safe.

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