10 Amazing Sophisticated Hen Party Ideas You Need To Know

Sophisticated hen party ideas hire a mansion

 Sophisticated Hen Party Ideas

Tired of reading about how to dress like a tart and get wasted on your hen party?  Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve researched some of the most sophisticated hen party ideas out there – most of which you’ll never have thought of, helping make your hen party unique.   These sophisticated hen party ideas are about amazing memories not hang overs.

sophisticated hen party ideas: hiring a mansionLanded Houses

OMG!  These aren’t houses they are mansions – real ones like Downton Abbey!  They put Made in Chelsea to shame and bring some serious glamour to your hen party. Nationwide: http://www.landedhouses.co.uk/
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Crafty Hen

Crafty hen workshops

Table decorations, garters, and fascinators are just some of the things your hen party could be stitching together.  Led by a professional instructor who brings everything you need, these workshops are definitely a great posh hen party idea.
Nationwide: http://www.thecraftyhen.co.uk/

Theatre Show

Sophisticated hen party ideas: visit the theatreOk, we know not many hen parties are going to see the latest adaptation of Othello but the theatre always brings an air of sophistication to proceedings and there are some great shows for hen parties – Dirty Dancing, Billy Elliot and Mamma Mia to name just a few. Nationwide: http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/

Wine Tastingsophisticated hen party ideas: wine tasting

Don’t know your Chardonnay from your Champers?  Expert wine tasters will raise your wine knowledge to epic levels as you learn about (and taste!) a fantastic selection of world wines. Newcastle: http://www.advintagewine.co.uk/
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Tipsy TeacupsSophisticated hen party ideas: tipsy teacups

Not a hen party idea as such but we love them!  These tea cups/wine glasses are cute, stylish and great fun – a fantastic idea for adding sophistication to at-home-hen-parties. Nationwide: http://tipsyteacups.co.uk/

Cookery Schoolsophisticated hen party idea: cookery school

Expert chefs will give your hens new skills and kitchen confidence with these fantastic workshops.  Each workshop lasts 2-3 hours and you can learn to cook a whole meal or learn to bake some amazing cakes. York: http://www.harmonyhousecookeryschool.co.uk/specialdays.htm
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Sightseeing Flight

Brighton stag party activity idea: Scenic flightsLook down (quite literally!) on the less sophisticated hen parties as you take to the skies on your very own sightseeing flight – it doesn’t get much more sophisticated than that!
Brighton: http://brightonscenic.co.uk/
Blackpool: http://www.helicopters.co.uk/
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Boat TripHen Party sailing in Dublin

Boating has always been a preserve of the rich but now you can get in on the action on your hen party.   Take a pleasure boat or choose a power boat to see the world from a different angle. Brighton: http://www.watertours.co.uk/
York: http://www.pinkmooncruises.co.uk/
Dublin: http://www.gosailing.ie/
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London stag party idea: Thames Rib Experience james bond boat rideJames Bond Boat Ride

Speed boats and adrenaline thrills and just for men – hit the water at high speed and see the sights in these inflatable speed boats.


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Make your own Artwork

Be inspired as you and your hens create a lasting memento of your hen party in your very own piece of artwork. London: http://www.paintjamlondon.co.uk/

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