Guest blog: Sophisticated Hen Party Accessories

Sophisticated Hen Party Accessories

hen party accessories guest blog

Any hen party should say a lot about the bride-to-be. By that we mean the kind of activities and accessories you involve should reflect her personality and tastes. We are not saying there is no room for a little bit of goading and some scope for embarrassment, as we think it is basically tradition to include some kind of naughtiness or phallic novelty in order to tease the main hen. Our point is, there is no use having an entirely sordid affair that the bride-to-be is going to feel completely uncomfortable with. If yours is a little more that way inclined then start thinking about a more sophisticated hen party and the kind of accessories that will help make it so.



The theme is key. There are so many themes already established to choose from and this best reflects what kind of party this is going to be. If fancy dress is involved bear in mind what the majority are going to feel comfortable wearing. Think about the accessories that you could involve in each theme and how they affect the party as a whole.



What do we mean by accessories? Well, pretty much anything to be honest! The standard hen party ones are anything from L-plates, sashes, to inflatable willies and cowboy hats. Do not underestimate these little novelties and their value as these are the things that people will remember, even take home as souvenirs. In terms of a classier hen night then what option do you have accessory wise?



There is no said rule here, sophistication is subjective, but you can certainly go more upmarket when it comes to kitting out your hen nights. Why not buy a really expensive tiara for the bride-to-be so she will have a keepsake of the evening? You could find some really quality looking hen night sashes, so you are keeping in with tradition but doing it in style. If you have a 1920s theme for example, why not get all the girls a vintage looking cigarette holder just to complete the look? There are also a load of classy looking head boppers, champagne flutes, and costume accessories that all help you achieve a more sophisticated affair.

We are not here to preach, categorise, or judge; we are here simply to ensure that you have the best hen party possible, and that it reflects what you are about the best. Have a broad look around for activities, themes and accessories that will help you achieve this. Stop worrying about whether people will enjoy the celebrations, if the party reflects the bride-to-be and they all love her, it’s a given.


This blog was written by Luke Mulligan from Henstuff. Find sophisticated hen party accessories and more at their site.

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