Classy Hen Party Game Ideas

Party games for the classy Hen party

Yes it is possible to keep a bit of class and sophistication when playing hen party games – it’s not all about getting really drunk and making a fool of yourself.

Here’s our run down of some classy hen party games you can play that won’t leave you legless or humiliated.  The list includes the items you’ll need to play as well as rules.  You may also like to buy some small prizes for winners/losers, or you could introduce forfeits for losers…

This is just a small selection of games, take a look at our full hen party games section for the best games on the internet!

Baby photos

What you need:

  • Ask all the hens to send you a picture of themselves when they were little
  • Print out the pictures
  • You will need a board to stick them to or blu-tac/sellotape to put them on the wall
  • Pens and paper for answers

How to play:

Each hen has to look at the photos and write down who they think each one is.  Hens can swap sheets with somebody else for marking the correct answers.

Guess the Wine

What you need:

  • A variety of wine
  • Glasses for each party member
  • Pen and paper for marking down answers

How to play:

Definitely one of the most sophisticated hen party games you can play!  Split your hen party in to teams and provide everybody with a sample of the same wine and get the teams to write down what type they think it is.  You can award bonus points for guessing the correct year.

Photography Competition

What you need:

  • Camera for each hen party member or ones to share
  • Computer or device to display pictures

How to play

If you’re visiting a new city then this is a great game to get your hen party bonding and exploring the city.  Get everybody to take photos during your day (it’s best if they split in to teams or small groups so they see different parts of the city).  At the end of the day you can all sit with a glass of wine and review all the pictures to choose the best.  All the photos can also be made in to in an album for the bride as a present.


What you need:

  • Marker pens
  • Large sheets of paper
  • Sellotape or blu-tac to stick paper to the wall
  • Cards with wedding themed words on (wedding dress, vicar, honeymoon, cake, speech, flowers, photographer, hen night!)

How to play:

It has to be wedding themed of course!  If you need a refresher you split in to two teams and then each team member takes it in turn to draw what’s on the card while their team tries to guess what it is. The team who guesses first wins the points.

If you want a bit more if a drunken hen party game then each time a team loses they have to do a shot.

Mr & Mrs

This is such a popular game we have a whole article dedicated to it – over 30 free questions to help you arrange the perfect game.  Read our full Mr & Mrs hen party game article.

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