Mr and Mrs Questions: Free Hen Party Games

Mr and Mrs questions are one of the all time classic hen party games – it can be as rude, risky, and laugh out loud funny as you want it to be.

All of our hen party Mr and Mrs questions are free – below are a few to get you started but it’s such a popular game we’ve created questions for specific themes – Rude, Funny Classy Mr and Mrs questions and the great part of the show – Paddle questions.

Mr & Mrs Questions: Free Hen Party Games

  • Where did you go on your first date?
  • What year did you meet?
  • What date is your wedding (you’d be surprised how many get this wrong!!)
  • What’s his favourite movie?
  • If he was allowed which celebrity would he sleep with?
  • Which of these would he marry, shag and kill:  Janet Street Porter, Madonna, Mariah Carey
  • How many times does he take his driving test?
  • What shoe size is he?
  • If he could be any animal which one would he choose and why?
  • What is his favourite joke?

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We hope you enjoyed our Mr and Mrs questions.  If you did then take a few minutes to check out our other hen party ideas.

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