How to organise your stag or hen party

A stag or hen party is a momentous occasion for the bride/groom and it can be quite a lot of pressure to organise the party that everybody will remember. Which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you organise the perfect party.

Remember to read our article on what exactly hen and stag parties should be about so you can get everything spot on.

Ready to start organising?  Let’s go…

Stage 1 Make some decisions

  • Start the process as early as possible so everything can be booked in good time and people have time to pay
  • Involve the groom/hen.  Remember it’s a celebration for them, not an excuse for you to do what you want.
  • Set a realistic budget.  You may be on a fine salary but is everybody else?  Involve the bride/groom, or even the groups in choices so you can manage expectations.
  • Set a date that people can make.  The further in advance you plan the easier this will be
  • Sort out an attendee list and get all their contact details from your bride/groom

When organising a stag or hen party there are 5 main areas to make decisions in and here are a few things you’ll need to consider in each area:


  • Home city: Low cost but not as exciting!
  • UK:  Try a new city but still be familiar with the country (and the laws)
  • Abroad: New country away from home.  Probably warmer but you won’t be familiar with customs and laws.


  • Type: Will you go self catering or for a hotel or B&B?
  • Budget:  Are you going for cheap and cheerful or do you want some where to really relax?
  • Location:  Do you want to be right in the action or a bit further out?
  • Is the accommodation stag & hen friendly?  Be honest when booking to avoid any problems
  • We recommend Late Rooms for stag and hen party accommodation:


  • Group – think about your group:  fitness, age, likes and dislikes
  • Distance from accommodation. Do you need to arrange travel?
  • Budget
  • Type; classic (paintballing, go karting etc), alternative (coasteering, in door skydiving, snowdome) or unusual (charity parachute jump, segway)?


  • Do you organise travel for people or do they make their own way?
  • Is the city you’ve chosen to visit easy to get to for all attendees?
  • How far is the hotel from the main travel stations.

Food & Drink

  • Research places to eat and drink
  • Make sure they are stag & hen friendly
  • Get your name on the guest list to avoid queueing
  • Make them aware if you’re going in fancy dress – you don’t want to be turned away at the door.
  • Remember to stay safe essential articles:  Stag Party Safety and Hen Party Safety.

Stage 2 Start the ball rolling:

  • Now you’ve made all the decisions finalise the cost to give you a cost per person.  Don’t forget to negotiate on costs!  Big groups can get hefty discounts on activities, food, drink and accommodation.  Our advice is to add a bit extra on per person to cover any problems.  If there’s money left over when you arrive for the party stick it in a kitty for drinks or food which will make you popular.
  • Formally invite the attendees giving clear information on cost, dates, and other arrangements.  Decide on the point of no return:  People inevitably drop out of stag & hen parties but clear at what point they’ll need to pay to cover costs.
  • Set up a spreadsheet to track payments and a folder on your computer to save relevant information

Stage 3 Firm it up:

  • Collect cash and make the payments.  Important: Don’t make payments and then ask for cash – make sure you are paid before paying out, being left out of pocket will leave you very resentful.  Pay the minimum deposit for each booking so you know you’ll cover costs.
  • Update the attendees with firm arrangements and ask for cash.  Don’t be afraid to chase people who drag their feet on paying!

Stage 4 Go for it

Not everything can be planned so don’t try to manage the stag or hen party in micro detail, it’ll only mean people don’t enjoy it.  Go with the flow!

Make sure you enjoy yourself and stay safe!

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