Vilified and Debauched?

Stag and hen parties have long been vilified by the mainstream media as debauched binge drinking affairs causing nuisance and damage.  Indeed when you think of hen and stag parties it conjures up a particular image and we’d be foolish to say that some stag and hen parties cause problems.


But almost all of us have been on stag and hen parties at some point which have passed without incident but are remembered fondly by all those involved.


A New Way?

We feel it’s a pity that stag and hen parties are becoming a source of shame and we strongly urge everybody who uses this site to organise a stag or hen party to really consider why they are doing it and go back to the roots of how this tradition came about:  celebrating your bride or groom’s forthcoming wedding with their very closest friends and family.


It’s as simple as that really!  Organising a stag or hen party is a big responsibility but we hope this site provides you with everything you need to make it the one that everybody remembers.  Pack it full of good value activities and make travel and accommodation as easy as possible and you’re on to a winner.  Undoubtedly drinking forms a part of nearly every stag or hen party but it doesn’t need to be the sole focus – this is when problems occur.


Staying Safe

Remember to read our guide on hen party safety – they’re essential reading before you set off to keep you safe (stag party safety coming soon)


Hen party safety guide