Channel 4 recruiting stag & hen parties to be on TV!

Do you want to make the stag or hen party truly memorable?  Then why not be on TV!

RDF Television are making a new light hearted TV show for Channel 4 which follows the rise of the stag and hen party over the years.

They’ll be looking charting stag and hen parties from their humble beginnings of a few down the local  to their modern equivalent which often involves nights away from home, going abroad or even multiple parties to cater for different groups of friends.

Perhaps you’re planning a lavish week long celebration somewhere exotic, are sticking true to the original roots of stag and hen parties and staying closer to home, are planning a really unusual stag or hen party, or perhaps you just think your group would be great on TV; whatever the reason the Channel 4/RDF would love to hear from you.

If you’d like some more details then get in touch at: – you won’t be signing up for anything, but it will give you a chance to ask any questions.

Whatever you do on your stag or hen party remember to read our safety guides:

Stag Party Safety

Hen Party Safety

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