Top 5 Unusual Hen Party Ideas

Naked, Sexy, Glamorous and Beautiful: Unusual Hen Party Ideas

If drunkenly stumbling around the town centre with a ‘bride-to-be’ sash wrapped around your head isn’t your idea of the perfect hen night then you really do need to consider some careful planning.

You may also want to think about less ordinary hen party ideas to really wow your guests. This guide has been put together to give brides and their best friends some different ideas that you may enjoy on your big night out!

Art Classes

Unusual Hen Party Idea: Life Drawing classArt classes are fast becoming popular amongst hen groups. This activity is incredibly classy and is totally different from the more mainstream hen activities that are on offer at the moment. Life drawing classes are a great way for all the hens to get to know each other if they may not already.

Trained art teachers will guide the hens through a series of technical games that will teach them the basics of life drawing. Not only will you pick up some new great skills but you will also get to ogle at an extremely charming nude male model.

Sex Education Classes

Unusual hen party idea: Sex Education class

These classes are not for those afraid of sharing all of their deepest and darkest secrets! You will learn a new trick or two which you can use on the other half, perfect for brides-to-be who are ready to shock their men on their first night as a married couple!

A trained ‘sexpert’ will lead you through your sexual discovery of fetishes and facts, and will deliver all of this through a series of fun games and exciting competitions. The only downside is that you will take away with you some homework… but it will be the best homework you have ever been sent!



More and more ladies each year are choosing to take weekends away for their hen do. Why travel all the way to Magaluf to be surrounded by people who are doing the exact same thing when you can go glamping in the beautiful British countryside with just your best friends.

Unusual Hen Party Idea: Glamping

Glamping isn’t like usual camping. Forget all of your previous experiences of soggy socks and restless nights whilst camping because whilst glamping you will either be staying in a Tipi, Yurt or Bell Tent – the most luxurious outdoor lodgings!

You will be met by an experience glamping who will set you up a light vintage style lunch, with proper tea served in a proper tea set.

You will be taken on a nature walk, taught how to forage, collect ingredients for you own wild cocktails all while a glamping chef cooks you up some night time treats. When the sun goes down the cocktails will be begin, which is also when you can start playing your hen party games!

Sweat out all of those toxins later in the night in the outdoor sauna, and then sleep the hangover off in style!

Dance Classes

All hen nights should involve some degree of dancing, but if you would prefer to be more of a dancing diva than a disco downfall then you should definitely consider a dance party before a night out on the town.

Some very traditional dance classes are on offer at the moment, including Grease themed classes and 80s dances, which teach hens some very classic moves that they can show off on their night out.

However there are some that are much more unusual. Street dance as a hen party has become increasingly popular and is something that you wouldn’t traditionally see hens wanting to partake in. Set to modern hip hop music this is definitely a party for ghetto-fabulous ladies. Or if you fancy something a little sexier than body popping then there are the sensual burlesque classes, put on for real glamour pusses!

The moves you learn may not be wholly appropriate to show off on the dance floor at the club but are terribly good skills to take home to show to the husband-to-be.

Unusual hen party idea: Burlesque make over

Make Overs

So make overs are pretty traditional, but not if you theme them! For example, if you are taking a burlesque dance class why not have a vintage make over beforehand? This way you and the other hens get to be made up like pin up girls and then taught how to seduce like them too!

The makeover will give you added sex appeal whilst learning the art of burlesque, a key aspect to this sexy routine! If you are up for a laugh why not take a more daring class such as a Thriller class and let a makeover team make you and your friends up like zombies? This may be hilarious but will probably result in a few strange looks in the club after.

There are hundreds of fantastic hen party ideas on offer at the moment. It really is best to have a look around to see what is best for you and your group!

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