How wild was Steve Jobs’ stag party?

A recent BBC documentary has given some great insight in to Steve Jobs’ stag night.  Was it a wild affair?  In a word: No.

Steve’s stag party organiser was his close friend and work colleague Avie Tevanian.  Avie struggled to get anybody to come to the party and in the end only he, Jobs and another friend headed to a bar to celebrate Job’s forthcoming nuptials.


At the bar Avie ordered a Tequila shot each but Jobs seemed bemused by it:

“Steve looks at it and kind of sniffs it, and [is] like, ‘what am I supposed to do with it?’ So we demonstrated the proper technique, and we said, ‘now you try Steve’, and he wouldn’t do it. He just sat there the whole night, sipping his shot of tequila.”


Here’s the bit that we think is interesting; Steve sent Avie an email later saying he had a great night with true friends.  Now, he may have been lying but if he was telling the truth then that really sums up a great stag night for us. You don’t need a wild drunken party lasting three days if that’s not your thing, you just need to celebrate the next stage in your life with your closest friends.


What’s your thoughts on Steve Jobs stag party?  Boring or true to what a stag party should be?

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