Rude Hen Party Game Ideas

Hen Parties are usually women only territory, but there’s one exception to this rule – male blow up dolls. A risqué addition to the party, blow up dolls can spice proceedings up and generate big laughs. In fact, blow up dolls make dream guests; they are good looking, easy going, great listeners and won’t back chat under any circumstances – sounds dreamy, right?  We’ve thought of some great ways to incorporate your inflatable friend into the hen hilarity.

High-Class Hen

If your bride-to-be is after a classy night out, think carefully before bringing a hunky inflatable along for the ride. If you suspect the bride would be adverse to hanky panky-related mischief, it may be best to pick a blow up doll man who is not entirely anatomically correct.

For good clean fun, why not play a game of Dress the Hunk?

You will need:

  • Sand timer
  • Blow up doll man (the taller the better)
  • Shot glasses
  • Alcohol

How it Works:

This game is best played in the company of men, so a bar or public place is recommended. Alternatively, you can borrow women’s clothes and cross dress the doll.

1.)    Split the hens into two teams. Team one must take it in turns to borrow clothes from nearby strangers and dress the doll. Once the time is up, team one must stop what they are doing and freeze.

2.)    Team two start the sand timer. Team two are allowed to try and distract the other team from their task. Once the time is up, team one stop what they are doing and switch places with team two.

3.)    Once both teams have completed the task, whichever team dressed the doll in the fastest time wins.

4.)    The losing team must drink a shot for every missing item of clothing (socks, shoes, t-shirt etc.)

hen stuff blow up man doll

Dare Devil Diva

For the devilish bride to be, no doll is off limits, the naughtier the better – a blow up man with willy included (the bigger the better) is ideal. If you want to be really daring, bring your well-hung inflatable hunk to the party and engage in a game of Condom Race. Players take it in turns to unwrap and attach condoms to the air-filled penis as quickly as possible. To make the game more difficult, try playing without the use of hands.

If you’ve got a giant inflatable willy wielding companion ‘on hand’, why not dare your guests to demonstrate a sexual position? The contestant who demonstrates the most risqué position wins a prize. Alternatively, guess the name and length of the inflatable manhood, and drink a shot for each inch you are away from the correct length.

Last but not least, make sure you take your inflatable hunk on the night out. Handcuff the doll to the bride and every time a man approaches, dare the bride to introduce the doll as their boyfriend.

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