Top 3 Themed Bars in Brighton

There is no denying the fact that you are spoilt for choice for where to grab your cold beverage on a stag or hen party in Brighton, as there are over 400 bars, pubs and clubs to choose from! With all this choice, what makes a venue stand out from the crowd?

Venues with a strong theme stand out from the mass of pubs in Brighton, whose name slips your mind because they have nothing unique on offer. Themed bars can make for a more interesting night and also double up as a great place to hold a stag or hen party. You also find that a bar with a distinct character will attract many like-minded people who are either connected by the music that the venue associates itself with, a culture or a fashion.

Here are my top three themed bars in Brighton.

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Riki Tik – Jamaican music central

Since going under new management Riki Tik has carved its name out as a great place to experience Jamaican music at its best until the early hours of the morning.

The venue functions as a perfect place to take your night after you’ve been to a couple of pubs and still want to continue your night, without heading to one of the big nightclubs in Brighton. Riki TIk plays a back-catalogue of 50 years of Jamaican music, including Mento, Calypso, Ska & Rocksteady, Roots, Dub, Dancehall and Bashment.


The Mesmerist- Swing and Burlesque hotspot of the City

Often referred to as the most unique and non-conventional wonderland of the weird, The Mesmerist is a popular hangout for a multitude of reasons. The venue attracts people who love the bizarre, out of the ordinary experience, with music that has stood the test of time and continues to get people moving on the dance floor and having fun.

The Mesmerist is located in the heart of the South Lanes, just moments away from the sea, which means you are surrounded by a selection of seafront clubs and diners. Inspired by the grand gin palaces of our history’s past, The Mesmerist kicks all six of your senses into overdrive. You can find yourself surrounded by a burlesque show one minute and a live skiffle band the next.

One of the really interesting things you have probably never seen in a bar before is a 1950’s style hairdressers in action as your night unfolds! The Chop House Salon can be found upstairs in The Mesmerist and is definitely one of the best ‘weird and wonderful’ things that The Mesmerist has to offer.

JW Lennon’s- New York Inspired Ale House and Spirit Grocery

JW Lennon’s ale house and spirit grocery is known for its cozy atmosphere, vintage décor and great English food. Lennon’s popped up quite like the Irish/American bars that came about in New York at the end of the 19th century. The pub acts as an escape from its less-serene location of Edward Street, where you find one of the busiest dual carriageways in Brighton.  JW Lennon’s takes you on a trip across the Atlantic Ocean into the heart of spirit swilling New York.

Tom Clark is a travel writer from the UK who regularly samples some of the best bars and clubs in Brighton.

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